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As professionals with long experience in the construction bussines we realize the need of project developers for disposable capital during periods of company and market growth when several projects await financing and construction at the same time.

Deversified investors

Immo-fund provides real estate project developers according to their project size, type and method of financing with mezzanine capital in form of subordinated loan or as a private equity investment in form of convertible bonds or shares. To make that possibleIe Immo-Fund bundles the investment capital of multiple private investors, who can simply and direct use our crowdinvesting-platform to invest online.

Third party supervision

The team of immo-fund undertakes thereby the entire assistance, mentoring and support of the private and institutional investors. After the contract requirements and conditions are met a trustee disburses the gathered capital to the project developer. Depending on the investment product investors receive either bullet payment (the principal of the investment loan together with the interest) at maturity date by the developer trough independent trustee or investors are paid back quarterly interest payments based on the annual interest plus the principal at maturity.


The funding of your project through immo-fund offers a multiplicity of advantages and additional benefits. Some of the most important for you as a project developer are:

Flexible financing form

You have the unique chance to choose the most suitable financing form according to your RE project. The funding campaign can take place during different project stages.

Shared risk

By allowing more investors to participate into the property development project developers not only share part of their profit but also part of the risk.

Easy access to private and institutional investment

The team of immo-fund undertakes all negations and contract preparations with the private and institutional investors.

Professional project support and marketing

Professional project preparation and promotion via our platform; positive marketing effect on the company’s sales and reputation. The information displayed on the platform is discussed and agreed on with the project developers before funding campaign launching.

Silent partners

With the right of information but without the right to a say in a matter.

Optimization of the capital structure

Fixed, calculable interest rates; flexible maturity structure; lower developer equity input.


Short overview of the terms and conditions for receiving financing

  • Lending volume between 100.000 € and 1.500.000 €
  • Maturity between 1 and 3 years
  • The Applied interest rate level depends on the projects type, risk and loan duration
  • Additional costs for contracts, trusties, processing, marketing materials and consultants
  • Disclosure of the essential project documents for examination and verification.
  • Depositing of securities according to the specific project
  • Deregulation of project key figures and informations for marketing purpoces


Five easy steps towards mezzanine capital

Fill out our contact form about your project plan at the bottom of this page or send us an e-mail at info@immo-fund.com

Subsequently the projects examination and verification is carried out in a two-stage process

According to the results of this process you will receive a concrete offer with binding conditions on interest rate, loan duration, loan amount and loan maturity.

By agreement on the offer starts the last stage of contract completion and marketing strategy creation

Now your project is listed on our online-platform and is open for investors. You will receive the payment of the loan on time as agreed.

Apply for funding now !