In the recent years the real estate market is gaining on popularity as an investment vehicle because of its many advantages.

  • palpable reduction of costs for the investors usually caused by the many intermediaries such as brokers, managers etc.
  • we make it possible for our clients to invest smaller amounts of capital (starting from as low as 1,000 EUR) and therefore participate in a market usually reserved only to institutions and high-net worth individuals.
  • We applying a conservatively structured project evaluation model that involves risk and efficiency assessment to minimize the risk and clarify what you are investing in and at what cost.
  • The evaluation process includes activities from background checks of the real estate developers up to macro and micro analysis of local market and detailed due-diligence of the developer. As a result we offer our clients only pre-selected projects to choose from for their investment portfolio.
  •  we create a new alternative for private investors to access that market by creating a direct link between them and the project developers.

We have structured project SPV which will thoroughly pursues your interests as we profit only from the success of the project.

We packed all that in the product “WE INVEST”.

And this is what “WE INVEST” offers to you.