The Basics

We provide to you an extremely useful list with the most frequently asked questions and answers that will make you more confident in theinvestment process:

Who can invest through Immo-Fund ?

Individual investors must be:

• Over 18
• Hold a bank account in the EU
• Permanent EU resident*

*Non-BG residents will be considered at our sole discretion, but must be able to provide us with suitable documentation for us to meet our obligations in respect of investor identification, anti-money laundering and, where required under BG law, tax reporting. Typically this will include a certified copy of their passport and evidence of current residence.

Corporate investors* must be one of the following

• Limited liability partnerships (LLPs)
• Limited liability companies (LLCs)
• Joint-stock companies (not-listed)
• Private trusts
• Close companies (that is a limited company with no more than 5 participators)
• Pension funds (that is those pension funds that have gained approval from the HMRC)
• Insurance companies
• Charities
• Listed companies (that is companies whose shares can be traded on a recognized stock exchange)
OR any other legal entity which is not restricted to invest in mezzanine capital

* The Articles of Association or set-up of the company must allow this type of investment. All those connected with the company must comply with our usual checks, for example Anti-Money Laundering and ID checks.

How am I protected?

Investors using the Immo-Fund platform do not invest in Immo-Fund itself.  Our business is funded by our shareholders and our fee income which is fixed fee and is paid by the real estate developers based on successful campaigns.

Immo-Fund created unique model Prime Risk-security Model for assessing and evaluating each project. It includes complex combination of qualitative and quantitative factors that affect the future profitability of the projects. They cover vast amount of areas such as architectural project, building permit, location, cadastral map check, town planning map, local municipality planning map, neighbors, proximity to public transport, schools, grocery shops and communal services.

On the other hand, Immo-Fund conducts a thorough check of the Real Estate Developer in order to verify its credibility based on previous projects, experience, team expertize and financial data.

By gathering such a rich bouquet of Key Assessment Factors (KAF) trough detailed researches and combining them with our expertise in real estate development, financial analysis and strategic management we were able to deliver to you one of our unique competitive advantages – The Prime Risk-Security Model.

Our tests )simulation) conducted prior the official launch of Immo-Fund showed over 90% accuracy for 5 randomly selected real estate projects which are already done.

*However, Immo-Fund does not responsible for any default projects on the platform or any force majeure that may affect one of your investments.

How Immo-Fund generate revenue without asking investors for fee ?

Immo-Fund charges the real estate developer with a fixed fee which depends on the success of the funding campaign. Immo-Fund does not have any hidden fees to the investors.