ImmoFund Investment Rating

We used our expertise to create a unique Prime Risk-Security Model for assessing and evaluating each project. It includes a complex combination of qualitative and quantitative factors that affect the future profitability of the projects. They cover areas such as architectural design, building permits, location, cadastral map check, town planning map, local municipality planning, neighbors, proximity to public transport, schools, grocery shops and communal services.

The result of this detailed assessment is an investment rating designed to provide our Investors with the ability to easily compare and evaluate the projects displayed on the platform and choose the one most suitable to their personal investment preferences.

How we calculate the risk?

The Immo-Fund investment rating measures the relative risk according to several factors, which have great importance for the initial real estate investment decision. At the end of the assessment process the analysis is simplified in ten criteria which receive points according to their importance for the project, the more points a project has the higher the risk is. The Projects are ranked from 1 (lowest risk) up to 10 (highest risk).

The foundation of the investment ratings is an analysis and evaluation process, which is typical for the real estate investment industry. The first step of that process involves a standardized checklist, which sets the first hurdle for the projects trying to enter our platform. After the project has made it to step two, it will be examined in detail taking into consideration factors such as micro- and macroeconomic expectations, real estate property conditions, property location, expectation about the local development and other. After the evaluation process is finished all the gathered information will be simplified and used to create the ranking system.