Privacy Policy

Personal data

1.1. Personal data is any information relating to a natural person which enables the person to be identified. To provide its services, the portal needs to collect information about the user, including:

  • information to identify and contact the person (such as name, date of birth, email address, telephone number, postal address);
  • information concerning the transactions and other activities of the user (details of payments, applications, agreements and other data concerning the use ofthe services provided by Immobilien Funding GMBH , the operator of;
  • information concerning the use of the account (login and password details, IP address and other data concerning the use of the account);
  • registered communication with the portal (such as recommendations, comments, requests, inquiries, either submitted through, using e-mails or phone calls).

Processing of personal data

2.1. Processing of personal data means any operation which is performed upon the personal data, including but not limited to collecting, recording, retention,arrangement, use, amending, delivering, disclosure and deleting of user’s personal data by the portal operator. Whether automated or not, all above mentioned activities are deemed as processing of personal data.

2.2. The controller of the processing of the personal data will be the operator of, Immobilien Funding GMBH

2.3. The web-site operator keeps a database about the users’ personal data and other information which primarily reflect the following personal data of the users:

  • First name and surname;
  • Date of birth;
  • Residence and/or location;
  • Communication means (phone, e-mail, etc);
  • Communication language;
  • Bank account information;
  • Data of identity document;
  • User’s web-site user data (log-in data, beginning and end of registration in the web-site, etc.);
  • Other information the user has delivered to the portal operator, or which the portal operator has collected at its own initiative from the sources permitted by legislation (incl. via media and Internet);
  • Information about the agreements of the user entered into via the web-site.

2.4. The web-site operator may process other user related information if there is a justified need for it regarding the performance of the agreements and if processing of such data does not contradict the law.

2.5. The moment the user has registered himself or herself as the user of the web-site is deemed as giving consent by the user to the web-site operator to process personal data (including transfer and disclosure of user’s personal data) described in these terms and conditions.

The purpose of processing personal data

3.1. The web-site operator processes the personal data with the goal to protect the best interest of the users, perform the agreements entered into with and/or between the users and adhere to the requirements prescribed to the web-site operator by the law.

3.2. The main goals of the web-site operator in connection with processing of user’s personal data are as follows:

  • To ensure the identification of the user;
  • To ensure immediate due performance of the contractual financial duties;
  • To enable the web-site operator to deliver to the user the portal operator’s products and related promotional materials and/or notices, also the products and/or promotional materials and/or notices/ or newsletters, prepared by the web-site operator, of the persons belonging to the same Group with the web-site operator or third party cooperation partners of the web-site operator if the user has given his or her prior consent to the web-site operator;
  • To analyse the user satisfaction and preferences towards the products and services of the web-site operator and persons belonging to the same Group with it to enable more effective product and service development and marketing activities.

3.3. The web-site operator is entitled to process user’s personal data also for other purposes if they are necessary for performance of the obligations provided by the law or if such goals are justified for performance of the agreements entered into with and/or between the users.

General principles of processing of personal data

4.1. The web-site operator processes user’s personal data fairly, in a manner and to the extent provided for by the law.

4.2. The web-site operator and its employees apply all diligence and security measures required by the law at processing user’s personal data to ensure that it is only done for a purpose and to protect user’s personal data against inadvertent or unauthorised use, disclosure or destruction.

4.3. The web-site operator enables access to the user’s personal data only to:

  • its employees with whom a non-disclosure agreement is concluded;
  • a third person, who processes the data on behalf of the web-site operator, with whom a non-disclosure agreement is concluded.

The web-site operator excludes access of the unauthorised third persons to user’s personal data and database of the portal operator containing such data.