Our focus is on revolutionizing the real estate market by offering individual investors completely new opportunities, which were not available on the market before. We provide structured debt instruments backed by real estate assets that provide returns significantly above other financial instruments with similar risk, such as BB rated corporate or government bonds. The focal point of our vision is to create and maintain a competitive advantage for our products that will keep them ahead of any competitor. We strive to minimize the administrative burden for our clients and meanwhile simplify the investment process to just a couple of clicks.


Immo-Fund collaborates closely with respectable construction companies, entrepreneurs, municipals, and financial institutions to structure investable products in a way that offers a clear “win-win” solution to stakeholders. We strive to satisfy the specific needs of project developers and to provide them with the opportunity to deliver as many projects as possible in a short time frame or even simultaneously.

Immo-Fund offers regular savers and individual investors an alternative for part of their savings, resulting in higher average returns for their portfolio and risk diversification.

Immo-Fund provides hedging instruments to securitize the positions of our customers in case of any force majeure or if any payment obligation is not met, no matter the reason. Our products may become increasingly attractive to institutional investors as well, taking in consideration that respectable often participate in the transaction.


Immo-Fund is committed to giving investors access to prime real estate assets across the European Union. Such assets were previously accessible only to corporations and high net worth individuals.


Through our secure investing portal you can buy into one of the safest assets – collateralised real estate. Investors will receive project updates, market reports, and financial statements via a personalized dashboard.


Our secure platform provides investors with the tools and information necessary to confidently make transactions and monitor their investments online.


We are a multi-discipline team of experts specialized in the spheres of real estate, finance and technology development. With our rich experience and career backgrounds we gathered together with the simple idea to revolutionize the real estate investment market by making it accessible to small investors and ordinary members of the public.

Borislav Mladjov

Architect and Project developer

Borislav is a graduate architect form the Technical University Munich. He developed himself as a creative and influential professional by working on variety of projects in Germany, the Netherlands and China as an architect and project manager. During his career path he had the chance to work on many different projects, ranging from small scale residential apartment buildings, large business developments up to large scale mix-use properties. Borislav’s experience involves Shanghai Tongxiao Building Design LTD.INC., Kupferschmidt Architekten and Henning Larsen Architects. In his free time he specialized in project development and management. He possesses exceptional flair for discovering successful projects, as well as analytical approach towards project optimization. He is a team leader capable of overseeing the whole real estate development process from the first idea and financial calculation up to solving complex architectural and engineering issues and therefore drive any project to a successful ending. Borislav successfully completed MSc of Architecture at the technical university of Munich. He completed his A levels in Sofia School of Mathematics.

Tzvetan Tzekov

Strategy and Operations

Tzvetan is a business development professional, marketer and sales specialist with previous experience in entrepreneurship by leading one of the first food voucher companies in Bulgaria. With more than 3 years of consultancy experience in a Big Four Company. Tzvetan is able to spot macro-economic trends and specific market tendencies, as well as conduct in depth research and due diligence on companies that apply with their projects for funding on Immo-Fund’s platform. Tzvetan is responsible for setting the strategy from a business point of view, establishing partnerships and identifying new opportunities and markets. As a team-player Tzvetan is spearheading his colleagues towards prioritizing tasks and achieving short term results. He holds post-graduate degree in International Business and Finance from GGSB (Grenoble Graduate School of Business, London campus) with “Distinction”. Tzvetan completed his A levels in Sofia School of Mathematics.

Angel Belichenov

Structuring Financial Products

Angel is a CFA qualified investment manager responsible for managing the bond portfolios of large institutional pension funds totaling over £800m in net asset value. He has over 5 years of experience in derivatives trading strategies and economic analysis for investments, and has been consistently ranked among the top portfolio managers in London. His knowledge, unconventional thinking and analytical capabilities led our team to design innovative investment solutions that no other competitor on the market is currently offering. Angel’s wholesale thinking and expertise is a crucial part of our team. Angel holds Master of Science (MSc) Degree in Finance from Imperial College London – London, and Bachelor of Science (BSc Hons) in Management from Warwick Business School.

Zahari Dichev

Fin-tech solutions

Zahari gained valuable experience in British Petroleum (BP) as Quantitative Developer regarding LNG portfolio optimization where he designed a tools that increased the profit margin of the trading floor in the London office by 2%. Zahari further enhances his technical skills and expertise in the area of financial instruments and investments in Millennium, technology-driven broker based in London, as trading system developer. He has previous entrepreneurial experience as co-founder of SpeediFly, marketplace for spontaneous trips, with two successful rounds of financing. As our Tech guy, Zahari distinguishes among his colleagues by his attention to detail, perfectionism and prudent approach to complex technical tasks. Zahari is our leader when it comes to backend infrastructure and tech solutions in Immo-Fund application. He constantly advise us on the current trends in the online investment market and contribute to the structuring of our products. Zahari holds MSc in Advanced Computer Science from University of St. Andrews and BSc Hons MFE Certificate in C++ for Financial Engineering from City University of New York – Baruch College.




We review and verify every real estate development project listed on our platform. High risk or dubious projects are vetted out. If a project passes our strict quality assessment criteria, it goes to our advisory board for a final examination and approval.

payments handling


Transactions are handled quickly and efficiently. Once a project is funded Investment graded financial institution who took the role of “Custodian” for all investor’s money transfers the committed capital to the property developers. If a projects fails to achieve full funding, any committed capital is refunded back to the investors at zero charge. For successfully funded projects, Immo-Fund collaborating with the ‘Custodian” handle the transfer of any earned interest and principle repayments from the developers back to the investors.



Excellence in customer care is our highest priority. We maintain regular contact with each individual investor and provide constant updates on all aspects of their investments. We are easy to contact and are always happy to help our current and potential investors with their queries at any given time.


Building a solid network of partners is a priority for our team at Immo-Fund. We believe that attracting experienced companies, financial and government institutions to our cause, is key to the successful operation of Immo-Fund. This principle allows us to ensure long-term value creation for our users, as well as for entrepreneurs and the local economies and infrastructure.